Inspection Services

Inspection Services

Home Inspections - We will inspect all major components of the home. Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and Structural Components at the Interior and Exterior of the home. It is important for you to know if there is any settlement of your foundation system, roof system and wall system. We make every effort to inspect the homes crawl space if accessible for that area is the most neglected and many problems are found in the crawl space area. We will inspect most attic areas that are accessible to verify if the insulation is installed correctly, to inspect for leaks and any structural problems. We will look at the plumbing components for leaks and proper professional installation. We will open your electrical panel and test outlets throughout the home to make sure they are correct and safe. We will inspect the HVAC systems of the home for proper operation.

Septic Systems - In 1974 I was trained in the installation of home septic systems. Through the years a lot of changes have happened with septic systems and I have stayed up with all these changes. If you are purchasing a home and have a septic system it is important to have that system inspected. There is no way of knowing the condition of the septic system unless the lids are removed and a visual inspection can be made. New septic systems are very expensive so knowing what you are purchasing is important so when you move in there are no surprises.

Water Sampling - If the home you are about to purchase has a well it is important to know what you and your family will be drinking. It is not a risk any family should take. We at Rite-Time can test for E-coli, Total coli form bacteria, Nitrates, Sand, Turbidity, pH, Iron, Arsenic, Mercury, Lead and VOC's. A certified sampler will take the tests and deliver them to a state approved lab for analysis.

Tips To Prepare For Inspection

Tip 1 - Choose your inspection company carefully. Ask about the inspectors experience and credentials. You would not want to choose an inspector if his background is not in the building trades.

Tip 2 - Schedule your inspection so you can accompany the inspector throughout the inspections. This will allow you to ask any questions and learn about the home you are about to purchase. I don't claim to have all the answers but I do have a network that does.

Tip 3 - Plan on spending 3 to 4 hours at the time of inspection. If your inspection does not take that long then it is possible that a thorough inspection will not done.

Tip 4 - Ask if your inspector will be taking pictures. This allows you to actually see areas like the crawl space and attic that you may not want to accompany the inspector.

Tip 5 - Prepare a list of Questions about your inspection that is important to you.

Tip 6 - Ask if your inspector will name any discrepancies he finds and then tells you what the implications are if the discrepancy is not addressed and what is his recommendation to solve any observed discrepancies.