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General Questions

Q. Will you go into the crawl space and attic area?
A. There are very few crawl spaces or attic areas that I won't enter. Some older homes were built very close to the ground and it is impossible to go underneath. Some crawl areas are very wet could be a dangerous environment to enter. Each attic and crawl area is evaluated at the time of inspection and will be inspected if it safe for the inspector.
Q. How soon will I receive my Inspection Report after the inspection is completed?
A. I know that by the time there is an inspection ordered the contract has been signed and the client only has a small window of time to have all documentation completed. I will leave the inspection check list with the client before I leave the home and then I will generate the Summary Report with pictures of any defects. This is usually sent to the client that evening or the next morning.
Q. Will you inspect for mold and termites?
A. If suspected mold or termites are observed I will point this out to the client. Rite-Time Inspections is not a certified mold or termite inspection company and we always strongly recommend that you have a qualified licensed exterminator inspect for termites and wood boring insects before purchasing your new home. If we suspect mold we highly recommend having the area tested by a qualified licensed mold inspection company and treated if necessary.
Q. How much does it cost?
A. Depending on the size of the home it generally runs between three and four hundred dollars. Homes over 3500 SF please call for quote.